ihelp for the LuxuryTon electric scooter



Front wheel and  brake installation:

First, remove the nut off the axel and put the wheel on (make sure the breaks are loose)


The last step is to thighen the nut back on the axle


To adjust the brake, you need to tighten the nut on the end of the brake cable.



Fenders installation;

Put the fender in the correct position  (make sure the fender holes are even with the scooter's holes and the circle snap in to the wheel nut) but first connect the lights with the connectors.

Finally, screw the fenders on




Seatbelt installation

Open the seatbelt kit.  The seatbelt has to be placed between the seat and the recliner system as shown in the picture below.

Use the big screws for the seatbelt with the recliner.

 Last step is to put the cover of the recliner system on and put the little screws back.


Storage box installation

Take out the base of the storage box and install it on the back of the seat and then proceed to install the storage box on the base.



Handle bar installation

Open the small front cover of the scooter

Place the handle bar in the right position. Make sure the holes are aligned with holes of the scooter, use the big screw and nut to secure the handle bar to the scooter


Last step is to put back the small cover and screw it onto scooter with the little screws.





The rear frame of the roof must be attached to the scooter with the four long screws.


The front frame can be attached to the scooter with these two screws.


Before we install the windshield onto the frame, we have to put the rubber washers into the holes of the windshield. We need to put the 4 round pieces on the frame to support the windshield. After that, we tighten the windshield by these two screws and washers like you see in the pictures   


First, we insert these special nuts then attach the back part of the roof to the frame. It's the same process with the small cover as well.


We have to select the right screws and install the cover like we see on the pictures



To install the roof we have to put the special washers, then roof can be installed onto the frame.


This is the roof and windshield installed: