ihelp - ERT-36






For assembly instructions, please view the video









1/ Remove the cover off this part:





2/ Install the wheels on the frame.






3/ Install the front part. First you have to remove the screw.







4/ Place this part into the frame of the trike. This is where you can adjust the trike to your








5/ Install the padals - make sure to check the correct side (left to the left, righ to the right)




6/ Install the BIG Y - roof section- with gentle force by hand. This is the frame for the roof.





7/ Install the handlebar.









8/ Attach the short bars to the seat





9/ Install the headrest onto the seat.





10/ Install the seat on the bike.





11/ Peel the protective film off the battery pack holder.



and put the black cover on





12/ Install the derailleur. Insert the screw into this part to attach the derailleur to the frame.





13/ Install the rear reflector.








14/ Before you put the fenders on, install the parts:

















16/ Pull together











17/ Install the front speed cable











18/ Brake installation








19/ Install the chain protector BEFORE you connect the chain!










20/ Use the cable ties  to secure all the cables to the frame.






21/ Attacth this part.











22/ Install the flag holder





23/ Install the mirrors
















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