ihelp - GTX-Cadillac



1/ Carefully remove your new scooter from its crate. No claims are accepted for any accidental scratches.



2/ The front stearing column is intentionally left half-painted.


3/ Install the handlebar. Carefully push the electrical wires to the side to gain access for inserting the screw.

press this screw through the steal handlebar column


4/ Install the front fender. Gently press it into place between the forks.

use these screws to attach it to the frame


5/ Install the front cover.

slide the plastic nip in the slot on the body

firmly press the panel into place


6/ Install the front wheel

insert the two spacers in the wheel (short one to the brake side)

gently force the brake pads apart (do not brake them)

make sure the disc is between the pads


 secure the brake assembly to the frame with the two nuts



8/ Install the back rest

push the side of the seat with your fingers to tuch the pre-driller holes - 2 on each side and press the screw driver to puncture holes into the leather

place the back rest on the seat and screw it on with these screws

since you have already punctured the leather, you can see where the screws go into


9/ Install the headrest


10/ Install the rear basket

unzip the leather on the back and reach up to the back to locate the pre-drilled holes on each side


puncture two holes in the leather

sometimes you may have to enlarge the holes with a drill for the screws to align with the thread in the seat


use the holes positioned at the highest point


11/ Install the reviews mirrors

you can adjust them by the nuts on the end of the stems




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