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Power-Buggy Electric Scooter Manual 




1/ Carefully Remove the scooter from the shipping container.  Make sure to be careful so you do not scratch the scooter ( no claims will be accepted for scratches once the item is removed)




2/ Straighten-up  up the handlebar by pulling up the locking mechanism.








3/ Release the brake with the brake arm in the rear.










4/ Insert the head rests.








5/ Install the front basket.




6/Assemble the back frame together with the hand bar then tighten the screws.






6/ Install the roof and ajust the screws.








Additional help for the Power-Buggy-DX model with one seat:


In order to open the trunk underneath the seat - and access the accessorials - you need to unlock the scooter and at the same time pull up the seat.



















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