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SunTex LT48 Electric Bicycle Scooter Manual 




1/ Carefully Remove the bike from the shipping container.  Make sure to be careful so you do not scratch the bike ( no claims will be accepted for scratches once the item is removed)




2/ Install the front fender. Place the fender between the forks and use the three screws to attach it to the frame.





3/ Install the front wheel:


- push the brake pads apart from each other with a screw driver (do not damage the pads) to make room for the disc brake.



- insert the longer space holder as shown to the opposite side of the disc.



- insert the second thinnest spacer between the wheel and the brake holder.



- make sure the brake holder is lined-up with the stopper on the fork.



- put the thinnest spacer between the fork and the brake holder.

- you may have to use a screw driver to force the parts apart in order to be able to place the spacers in place.




4/ Install the pedals. Make sure to check which one is the left and the right. Otherwise you will ruin the threads.







5/ Install the mirrors. One for the right, the other is for the left side.







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